TakeMeOut wins the Big Ideas Competition and is fast-tracked to the Varsity Semi-finals to compete for £10.000

***Update - Voting is now Open for the Varsity Pitch Finals - Vote for TakeMeOut here www.nacue.com/takemeout-2/ to help us launch to market.***

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All participants including external investors and Alumni saw a huge potential in TakeMeOut and they enjoyed our stand and performance, proof is they voted for us and we won the Big Prize of £2000 being fast-tracked to the Varsity Pitch Semi-finals competing for £10.000 this time.

We are very excited to be taking part in this contest - I have to admit that even if we are in the Semi-finals we're still considering making the 60s Elevator Pitch to encourage our students and the public to vote and support TakeMeOut in the Varsity Competition.

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About TakeMeOut

TakeMeOut is a simple and intuitive cost-optimisation service which enables small, independent restaurants attract new clients during off-peak hours generating instant, customised flash promotions.

TakeMeOut acts as an intermediary between independent food businesses and consumers. Through an interactive platform, managers can tailor a wide range of pricing and value offers anytime when they have food surpluses or during slow hours in a day. This B2B proposition will translate into an easy to access App displaying the latest deals made available through specific location-based targeting.

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