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As early adopters millennials, students have the tendency to try new things all the time. Especially when it comes to food, we wander food markets and unexplored neighbourhoods willing to discover new flavours. Still, we happen to be "on a budget” and sometimes, this leaves our taste buds unsatisfied.

Diana and Max fall under this category. After days searching high and low for new, cozy restaurants and offers that would not hurt our pockets, we had almost given up! We have become frustrated by how much time it takes to find new places to dine out without pay- ing a fortune. You could simply pass by them everyday without noticing them, how would you know? If you are lucky, you might be seeing an outdated offer scrabbled on a chalkboard.

Having downloaded a number of apps to help us with the latest offers, we ended up with the same old, big restaurant chains found “nearby”. These offers will always be available when we open the Apps, they seem to be woven into our phones. There must be a better way to find out about new restaurants and their unique promotions in that day! Better still, to have all these offers available even during slow hours in the day tailored especially after our interests and tastes.

Creating another VoucherCloud “clone” company will not address our issue! We must shift from having a purely “consumer-centric” perspective to a more business-orientated approach to satisfy both customers and small restaurants. Small food businesses need to re-align their operations together with their clients. Value co-creation is our main philos- ophy and we believe this can boost businesses’ performance through a better allocation of resources, a more accurate buyer profile and an optimised discount scheme to create customer loyalty. Diana and Max get to receive offers that are most relevant to us, and never run out of options again. Small restaurants gain full control over targeting and retaining loyal customers through flash customised discounts during slow hours in a day. It is a win-win solution!

About TakeMeOut

TakeMeOut is a simple and intuitive cost-optimisation service which enables small, independent restaurants attract new clients during off-peak hours generating instant, customised flash promotions.

TakeMeOut acts as an intermediary between independent food businesses and consumers. Through an interactive platform, managers can tailor a wide range of pricing and value offers anytime when they have food surpluses or during slow hours in a day. This B2B proposition will translate into an easy to access App displaying the latest deals made available through specific location-based targeting.

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